[Cropit] Error when crop image
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Hi all, 

I am trying to use the Cropit component but I am getting an error when I want to save the picture :
[HBHMNN034].DBO.[OSUSR_5Z9_UPLOADCACHE] with key 0 was not found

I have a page where I open the popup:

This is the popup when I open it

When I press save image I get the error message from above. 

This is the popupscreen

And this is the preperation

And this is the OnNotify

I want to upload the image in an OneDrive folder. There is nothing wrong with the connection because I can upload images on the server with an other upload but I want the user to be able to crop the images before uploading it to the onedrive. 

Can someone help me with this? 

Thanks in advance. 

Hello, that error means that you try to save an Entity record with a NullIdentifier() as key. Just debug your app to see where the problem lies.

@IT Mploy Associates 

Is your problem solved? 

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