How to properly solve: Unlimited records in Aggregate


In the Architecture Dashboard there is an issue "Unlimited records in Aggregate". I'm not understanding how to solve this properly. For example there are cases that I'm getting only one record from the database using a filter and so the maximum records can be 1. But for example in a search filter where the users can search for "posts". In the preparation of that screen there is a GetPosts Aggregate with a filter:

Post.Title like "%" + Session.Post_SearchKeyword + "%"

There can be a lot of posts, so do you know what should be set in the maximum records to fix the issue "Unlimited records in Aggregated"?


Hi Jake,

It can happened that it is a false positive, and it seems to be except if its a query binded to a paginated list / table records.

If that is the case, you can set up your MaxRecords to the formula according to the warning OutSystems will trigger if you fill something in the MaxRecords of that query:


This formula will make sure you don't get more data than the one is needed for the page you are.

To better explain the purpose of this expression consider the following example: if you are in the first page showing the first 50 posts but your table has a million, you just need to get the first 50, if you are in the second page, the first 100 and so on.

In any case, if it is a false positive, justify it on Architecture Dashboard so the product team can receive your feedback and improve the algorithm for those metrics.

Kind Regards,

Thanks, with that formula shows a warning, GetPosts Max Records should be set to

List_Navigation_GetStartIndex(GetPosts.List.Current.Post.Id, True) + PostsTable.LineCount + 1

to match the number of records presented by PostsTable.


Hi Jake,

Your warning is slightly different than my example because your table has a different name than mine had :)

I'm glad you manage to have it right.



Thanks, but is better to have that warning or dont have this and have the Architecture Dashboard saying "Unlimited records in Aggregate".

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