Unable to generate QR code for Native Application
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I am facing an error when generating my Android QR code in the native platform. It says: " An unexpected error has occurred while installing the Cordova plugins. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact OutSystems Support)

Please advice. 

Hello Alvin,

Can you check what error was encountered via Service Center?

You can also alternatively generate via Service Center.

If it still continue, I would suggest creating an OS Support Ticket.



Hi Alvin Teo

I had the same problem, got it solved by changing the MABS version that generates the mobile app. I was using version 7.0 and changed it to 6.3, which solved the issue. 

I solved going into the Service Center -> Applications -> Your app -> Tab Distribute. Click in Configure (for the platform that you pretend, iOS or Android), and then you can change your MABS version.

After change try to generate again.

Check the screenshots.


Gonçalo Almeida

Try to generate again, and go the "Native Platform" tab in Service Center regarding your application. You will have a log with more details about the error that ocurred instead of just the generic "unexpected error"

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