[OneSignal Plugin] RegisterUser Server action not updating, incorrect aggregate filters.
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The filter on the aggregate on RegisterUser server action is incorrect. See image.

Hi @Nico Pineda 

You must test on the real device to get the filter. Because the real device has DeviceHardwareId

Hi @Thien Tran,

Yes I'm testing it on a real device. However, as you can see on the screenshot, the aggregate is filtering with 'Device.DeviceHardwareId = OneSignalAppId' instead of 'Device.OneSignalAppId = OneSignalAppId'

Hi @Nico Pineda

I am using the previous version, it implements 'Device.OneSignalAppId = OneSignalAppId'. Currently the latest version I see it has been changed

Device.DeviceHardwareId = OneSignalAppId

You can reset 'Device.OneSignalAppId = OneSignalAppId' and then test again. Maybe an OS bug :)

Hi Thien, yup. I updated the latest version on my environment to use 'Device.OneSignalAppId = OneSignalAppId'.

i just figured to post here so the devs are notified. :)

Hi Nico, thank you for sharing! By the way, we already fixed this in our latest release which is under development (3.5.2) :) 

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