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I am creating a contact form and I'm not getting logic:-

-How to get the admin's email ID in "to" in the contact form automatically.

-after clicking on send button, the admin will get mail on his Gmail or outlook or any id he has given.

Hello Tapas

Here's an example, I have a Contact Form with 2 fields (Name and Email)

Upon saving, I want it to send an email to the email provided on the form.

Upon saving, I want it to send an email to the email provided on the form.

On the Email Action, there's several properties you can configure such as to whom to send the email to, include someone as CC or BCC.

In addition to performing all of that, you must also ensure that your SMTP Configuration has been configured for it to be able to send emails.
You can configure it in Service Center

Below are links regarding such activities in Outsystems.

Sending an Email with Outsystems:

Outsystems Email Documentation:

Configuration of SMTP:

Hope that answers your question.

could you send your oml file for this. I have tried but i am not getting exactly how to do it.

Hello Tapas,

If you're not aware yet, Emails should be created in Traditional Web Apps.

Attached is a copy of my oml for this scenario.

I've also added a parameter to the email so you would have an idea on how to pass values from one page to the email screen.

Let me know if you have further questions.



Hi Tapas,

First of all you have to configure the email setup in the service center under Admin tab and in this setup you can mention the default senders email and name. After setup this you can use the email widget/actions to send the email.




Hi Tapas,

to send email to admin emails, you can create a site propertie variable (this variable can be configured in the service center later), and set emails in this variable, example:

then use this variable in the send email component:


could you please send the oml file for the above


Of course. 

in attachment.

if you do not receive an email, see this service center tab for the reason for the error:





It only means your Mail Configuration is wrong. Please check your SMTP user and password.

Kind regards,



have you already activated this setting?


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