AI-powered help suggestions in Service Studio

Ever found yourself stuck and not knowing how to do something while working in Service Studio? We know that feeling, and although OutSystems low code platform minimizes the learning curve, there are still times when we need extra help.

We also know that the first place most people go looking for help is Google. We’d like to bring you an equal or even better help experience right from within Service Studio. Our vision is that OutSystems users, both newcomers, and experienced developers, find all the help they need in the quickest, most complete way possible.

Today, we’d like to introduce Smart Guidance, an AI-powered revamp of OutSystems help function within Service Studio, which aims to get you just-in-time help by understanding your specific context.

Smart Guidance in action

Smart Guidance brings you an enhanced search experience right where you are developing your app.

You can now directly search through all resources available under the OutSystems domain in Service Studio by clicking on the “What do you want to do?” button, or any other help triggers within your development environment. 

Moreover, your search results will consider the context of your app, its module type, errors, warnings, open editors and panels, and much more, making it even easier to find the most relevant info.

Right-click a UI component to get contextual help about it directly, opening relevant help resources for your specific issue.  You’ll still be able to use the search bar to refine your query, if you need to.

A powerful search engine

Smart Guidance brings together the best of OutSystems knowledge and Google’s search engine.

The search wizard will start by showing users a list of training and documentation links. However, as soon as you start working on your app the immediate results will change to reflect your context's most relevant information.

How does this work? Our AI model will infer the context you are working on from cues like the type of module or the TrueChange error messages. We will then search all the content under the domain (documentation, forum, blog, ideas, training materials, among others) with a refined query, and enhance the retrieved results to filter for your context.

The result? A search experience that quickly gets you the results you need to get going with your work in a seamless, intelligent way.

We know there is a lot more we can draw from AI to make Smart Guidance even smarter with machine learning. That's why we're looking forward to having more users engage with it to learn what are the most helpful suggestions.

Go ahead and try it out! The more you use this function, the smarter it will get.

Already available in every Service Studio version higher or equal to 11.10.10. 


Sound so interesting 

Hi Nuno,

It's really awesome feature which will increase the beauty of OutSystems. I will try this and share my feedback on the right forum. 

All the very best!

Thanks & Kind Regards,


Great feature! 

Hi Nuno,

That's a really smart & intelligent feature, thanks for sharing!

Hi Nuno,

Sound good.

Hi Nuno,

Great Feature, !!

Hi Nuno

Great feature !!

Hi Nuno,

Looks really interesting  feature.

Outsystems ++ , great going !

Yeah, It sounds interesting!

Excellent bridge between IDE and the community!

Some novice developers have no idea how the documentation and forum can help,

in addition to helping more experienced developers as well.


May be we have more collaboration in future between Service studio and forum.
Thank you so much

It is really a helpful feature, it would definitely increase the possibility of finding the right content to build the right.


Great ! Let's give a try.

Awesome !

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