Importing users from Azure Active Directory

I am new to OutSystems and have managed to configure Azure AD authentication by following Configure Azure AD Authentication - OutSystems 

Authentication is working OK and I've found a user gets created in the OutSystems Users app when they first login.  Is there any way to import users from Azure AD?  I find it a bit counter-intuitive that you have to get the user to login before you can assign them any roles so that they can access the app you want to give them access to.

I would also like users to sync with Azure AD so that user lifecycle operations such as renames, leavers etc. are dealt with automatically in OutSystems.

Is any of this possible?

Hello @Julie Peck ,

Yep, the standard approach in OutSystems is to create or sync users upon login. This could even save you on the users count in terms of the license since the users gets created only when they access the application. If user's name or any other claim is changed in Azure AD, this will get synced automatically when the user logs in to OutSystems app the next time.  Regarding Roles, It can be managed via User Groups. Based on User groups assigned on AD, you can automatically assign OutSystems groups which can have one or more OutSystems role assigned. This will automatically assign/remove roles upon login.

However If you want to pre-load users, we have used Microsoft Graph API to get users from Azure AD. You can create a timer that takes care of the synchronization of users at given interval based on your business need.  



any update on this question 

Hey @julie Peck, Did you get any solution ??

Thanks Babu - that all makes sense and I'll have a look at using the Graph API as you suggest.

@Babu Basha - sorry, another question now that I've spent a bit more time on your answer.  When you say "Based on User groups assigned on AD, you can automatically assign OutSystems groups which can have one or more OutSystems role assigned", do you mean by using the Active Directory Group Mapping - Overview | OutSystems Forge component?

Does that Forge component work with AAD as well as AD?  The reason I'm asking is that I'm using OutSystems Cloud but our AD is on-prem and so OutSystems wouldn't be able to connect to it.

If that Forge component doesn't work with AAD, is there any other way of achieving the same result.  Mapping AAD groups to OutSystems roles sounds like a really good solution for my scenario.  Thanks

Hi Julie,

did you get a solution for this scenario?

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