[TimePicker Dropdown Reactive] Getting time 00:00:00 if the 24h is false
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Hi, I am getting value = 00:00:00 when I use Is24Hours. 

Does anyone know how to solve this? T



It seems that this component internally does not handle properly the data type in the value field when the format is 12h. In the implementation the value field is using Text data type but in the raised event is using Time data type. When it is 24h-format, there is no problem with this becasuse it does not need to convert anything. However in 12h-format you must convert from Text to Time correctly. The Time format must be hh:mm:ss.

For example: 13:45 is valid time data type but 01:45pm not. 01:45pm must be converted to 13:45.

More info in TextToTime function (https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/10/Reference/OutSystems_Language/Logic/Built-in_Functions/Data_Conversion?utm_source=ost-outsystems+tools&utm_medium=ost-servicestudio&utm_campaign=ost-docrouter&utm_content=ost-helpid-15018&utm_term=ost-contextualhelp#TextToTime)

This component does not take into account this conversion.

You can clone the component and modify it for your scenario (you must convert time in 12-format to 24-format) or wait until it is fixed by author.

Kind regards, David.

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