[HealthPlugin] Need connecting google fit app with my mobile application
Forge component by Sofia Mourato
Application Type
Mobile, Reactive

Hi All,

I am trying to create an app that can fetch user's data from the google fit app. Currently, I am trying to make use of the HealthPlugin forge component but it didn't seem to be working for me. I am getting an error when trying to connect with the google account(screen shot attached).

Any suggestion or help would great. 



Hi Pranav,

Does this error message appear when you click on the button "Request Authorization"?

Do you have Google Fit installed and correctly connected with your account in the device?


Hi Sofia Mourato,

Yes, it's showing that error on clicking that button. I have google fit installed on my mobile . So when I am clicking that button , I am getting option to select my google account . after selecting the account its showing that error.

Are you using it on an Android device right?
Did you build the native android app with the Keystore and all described in the documentation?

Hi Sofia Mourato,

Yes, I have generated the app using the Keystore. I reinstalled it and then it seems to work for me. Unfortunately, the only date of birth and gender data type seems to authorized, the rest are returning null values.

Hi Pranav,

I had an identical issue last week, but it's working right now, accessing all data.
I can retrieve all data on my device.

Can you check if GoogleFit is correctly configured with all necessary data? Could be something related to it.


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