Regex for entering letters without emojis.

Hi All,

Does anyone has idea on how can i restrict user to enter emojis while entering value in a textbox?

I tried various regex, still it didn't worked, one of the regex i am sharing below.

var regex= /^[^\u{203C}\u{2049}\u{20E3}\u{2122}\u{2139}\u{2194} -\u{2199}\u{21A9} -\u{21AA}\u{231A} -\u{231B}\u{23E9} -\u{23EC}\u{23F0}\u{23F3}\u{24C2}\u{25AA} -\u{25AB}\u{25B6}\u{25C0}\u{25FB} -\u{25FE}\u{2600} -\u{2601}\u{260E}\u{2611}\u{2614} -\u{2615}\u{261D}\u{263A}\u{2648} -\u{2653}\u{2660}\u{2663}\u{2665} -\u{2666}\u{2668}\u{267B}\u{267F}\u{2693}\u{26A0} -\u{26A1}\u{26AA} -\u{26AB}\u{26BD} -\u{26BE}\u{26C4} -\u{26C5}\u{26CE}\u{26D4}\u{26EA}\u{26F2} -\u{26F3}\u{26F5}\u{26FA}\u{26FD}\u{2702}\u{2705}\u{2708} -\u{270C}\u{270F}\u{2712}\u{2714}\u{2716}\u{2728}\u{2733} -\u{2734}\u{2744}\u{2747}\u{274C}\u{274E}\u{2753} -\u{2755}\u{2757}\u{2764}\u{2795} -\u{2797}\u{27A1}\u{27B0}\u{2934} -\u{2935}\u{2B05} -\u{2B07}\u{2B1B} -\u{2B1C}\u{2B50}\u{2B55}\u{3030}\u{303D}\u{3297}\u{3299}\u{1F004}\u{1F0CF}\u{1F170} -\u{1F171}\u{1F17E} -\u{1F17F}\u{1F18E}\u{1F191} -\u{1F19A}\u{1F1E7} -\u{1F1EC}\u{1F1EE} -\u{1F1F0}\u{1F1F3}\u{1F1F5}\u{1F1F7} -\u{1F1FA}\u{1F201} -\u{1F202}\u{1F21A}\u{1F22F}\u{1F232} -\u{1F23A}\u{1F250} -\u{1F251}\u{1F300} -\u{1F320}\u{1F330} -\u{1F335}\u{1F337} -\u{1F37C}\u{1F380} -\u{1F393}\u{1F3A0} -\u{1F3C4}\u{1F3C6} -\u{1F3CA}\u{1F3E0} -\u{1F3F0}\u{1F400} -\u{1F43E}\u{1F440}\u{1F442} -\u{1F4F7}\u{1F4F9} -\u{1F4FC}\u{1F500} -\u{1F507}\u{1F509} -\u{1F53D}\u{1F550} -\u{1F567}\u{1F5FB} -\u{1F640}\u{1F645} -\u{1F64F}\u{1F680} -\u{1F68A}|]*$/;




Hello Dhiraj, 

What in the hell are you doing here?

Wouldn't something like:


Be enough?
I feel like you are trying to "not-match" any emoji? 


Hi Joey,

Please remember OutSystems is a diverse community, and not everyone uses the Latin alphabet! There's Devanagari for example, not to mention Korean, Chinese (traditional and simplified), three Japanese writing systems, Cyrillic, Arabic, Armenian, and so on and so forth!


Hey Kilian,

Thanks, I didn't realize this! My bad.

Then ofcourse there's the alternative of:


Which means: "matches any kind of letter from any language"
Though I've noticed that Bramhi and Gubta don't work here....

So easiest would be to use \p{L}+


Hi Dhiraj Manwani and Joey,

Following @Joey Moree's suggestion of using the Unicode Letter property, I dug a bit further and realized there are properties to identify Emoji in Unicode as well... 

At least for JavaScript you can actually use the Unicode properties Emoji and Emoji_Component to identify emojis; combined with /P you could exclude simple Emojis with something /P{Emoji}+.

You can use this for testing purposes.

Hope this helps!

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