[NScrape Web Scraping] Web Scraping Encoding
Forge component by André Vieira
Application Type
Traditional Web, Reactive


When i try to web scrape, special characters like "é" comes in unicode format so i can´t really use it

is there a way to fix it?

example : Finlândia

thank you


The web scrape uses the default UTF8 format to make the web client request. For example, if you use this URL the results have special characters like "é" and it seems to have not problem with that.

If you are obtaining characters in unicode format, you can use the BinaryData_API and the ConvertEncoding action.


You can convert from/to unicode, utf-8, utf-16 and ascii. The BinaryData_API is installed with the Platform, so no need to install components from the Forge.

Kind Regars, David.

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