How to set several default values for Session variable without changing the Data Type
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Please kindly tell if it is possible somehow to set several default values for Session variable without changing the Data Type? 

If I change the Data Type to a Text List, then there are many errors in many other Screens. I would like to avoid them...

Thank you!


Hello there Ekaterina,

Hope you're doing well.

If you pretend to have the same Data Type (in this case, a Text), it is not possible to store multiple default values.

Even if you change the Data Type to Text List, you won't be able to store multiple default values (the property Default Value will be disabled).

What you can do in your scenario is to maintain a Text, and use a single string to store all the default values (using a delimiter):




Then you will have to adapt the logic to split this string into its multiple values (for example, using String_Split action with respective Delimiter).

Hope that this helps you!

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas


Thank you!

But how can I assign the result which has a Data Type List (String_Split) to an appopriate variable which has a Data Type Text?

The variable 'TypeSelection' is Text, and it cannot be changed, as it has many dependencies in other actions and etc. 

If I put it like in a screenshot, then only the first (Current) value will be displayed, but I need all of the default values to be displayed.

Sorry if it sounds clumsily, I think you got what I am asking for...

Thank you.


if you want to concatenate multiple values on a string, you can use a FOREACH looping.
You iterate the list and concatenate the string, like this:

1. string = list[0]
2. For each element in list (start index = 1)
3.      string = string + list.Current

Hope this helps.


Hello Ekaterina,

Rui already gave you an answer, but I would like to understand why you want to add multiple "default" values to a text variable?

How do you intend to use this variable, in the sense of why do you need those "multiple default values"?

Knowing this may help us help you find a suitable solution.


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