Lifetime Analytics shows no data
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11.7.2 (Build 5749)

Hi there, 

Lifetime Analytics does not show any data even after enabling it for the environment on lifetime and applying a solution containing all modules on Service Center.

Any Help?

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Hi pvivacqua,

Usually you want the lifetime analytics activated for production so you can get metrics with more meaning and more adapted to real usage traffic and concurrency. Is there a reason for you to have it turn on development?

Also take into account that you have the data filtered only for today, which is a Saturday - usually a non work day for development environment, on the drop-down on the right top corner.

If even then, you expected to see data there that you have seen before, I would suggest opening a support case with OutSystems. Recently, one of our factories production environment stopped receiving data that was receiving before and after contacting OutSystems, they realized it had to do with an upgrade on the platform and fixed it.

Hope it helps.

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Hello pvivacqua,

It's possible that you don't have data there yet is because you have just enabled it or the traffic is not high enough for it to be able to assess already some trends.

Anyway there's an alternative you can perform to gather analytical data which is from Service Center.
Kindly see my screenshot below to be able to generate your own analytical report.

Let me know if you have further questions or anything else that the community can assist with.

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Hi pvivacqua

I think Issue is with communication of lifetime to uat/dev and prod. Need to bounce lifetime services to pull data


CV sharma 

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Also, keep in mind, lifetime analytics only works on traditional web applications. Not for mobile and not for reactive web. Maybe not the issue in your case, but it may be helpful for other people who arrive in this topic in the future.

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Hi Pvivacqua,

You can try the following two ways to fix this


step 1

 Disable and Enable Monitoring in this environment (LifeTime > Analytics > 'Configuration' link)

step 2

Environment Monitoring Status' > switch OFF monitoring in Production, wait until a confirmation message appeared, and then switched monitoring back ON"). Make sure your app is not in the ‘Disabled’- list


1. Go to Service Center, on the environment where you want to fix the analytics on. 

2. Go to Service Center > Factory > Solutions.

3. Press the New Solution button to ceate a new solution named all_content

4 & 5. Associate all the components from the factory

6. Press the Apply settings button.

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