Form Valid Property - Should I always use?

What's up guys.

I have been studying  OutSytems and,

I have a doubt about the correct use of the VALID property.

I use Forms in the application. However, there is no possibility for the user to fill in values. All values are pre-determined, and send values behind buttons on the screen. Depending on the option you select, send a certain value and save it in the database.

My question is as follows.

Does it make sense to use the VALID property in this case?

Knowing that the end user does not have the possibility to change values (eg, fill in fields, inputs and etc.)

I am not using the VALID property in my Application.


Hi Mike 

Hope you are doing well.

Built-in validation does not only running on the client-side, depends on your setting and application type it's also running on the server-side. 

You said "end user does not have the possibility to change values", but it's only a normal use case,

Because the input is on the client-side(browser), so there are many methods to change the input value.

So it's nice to use validation in this case.

Kind regards,

Hi Tom,

This is a great explanation! Thanks so much!

Kind regards.

Hello Mike.

I'd say in your case, the IsValid is not what you need.

What you need is an Update action that only allows the user to change the one field available. If the user can't interfere with the other fields server-side, you don't need to validate them before sending.

Hi Nuno.

I really had this doubt. I think this is the alternative that best fits what I need.

Thank You!!

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