[Properties Management] Incompatible LifetimeSDK Reference (O11)
Forge component by Fernando Moitinho
Application Type
Traditional Web

Hello Outsystems forums,

I've installed this traditional web application in our environment but it looks like the dependencies of LifeTimeSDK were outdated:

Do we need to update the LifeTimeSDK reference in order this web app to work? could it be that our platform version (11.9.0 (Build 17011) is not supported for this web app?

By the way we've been wanted to create a dashboard for monitoring, achieving or listing the REST API URL detail across all modules in our environment, therefore we are trying to use this web application. Are there any other alternatives to retrieve all the REST APIs detail in environment? We'd like to try the other options. 

Thank you.

Hi Aditya,

 if you want to same component then need to update the LifeTimeSDK reference in order this web app to work . because this component is using   LifeTimeSDK  reference in this web application . 

Hi Sharma,

How to update the LifeTime SDK component in environment? Is it pre-installed within platform version? Because I couldn't find any even on the OS Forge.

Hi Aditya,

  you need to install Lifetime SDK in your Environment. below link help you.



CV sharma

Hi, thank you for the solution, I've updated the LifeTime SDK in development server

However, inside the PropertiesAPI and PropertiesCore module there are some missing references such as:

If I try to "Refresh All" the dependencies it will cause error and the modules are unable to publish, do I need to re-publish all those modules for this web application to work? 

Thank you

Hi Aditya,

That's correct :). 

Also make sure to mark a post as solution if your question has been answered.


cv sharma

but the references are missing.. I cannot publish the modules till I fixed those references.

why the LifeTimeCore, LifeTimeEngine and OMLProcessor dependencies are missing anyway after I run the update? or those are separate components that also need to be installed in the environment?

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