How to improve client side performance of traditional web application

I'm supporting a site that is running very slowly for a subset of users. When I look at the LifeTime Analytics report for the screen that is causing the most problems, it shows that a full 56% of the response time is client side (time over the network accounts for 19%, and server side accounts for the remaining 25%). I also had a user experiencing the slowness run the application with no other browser tabs or instances running, and saw that browser instance was utilizing 25%-30% of their CPU capacity. Consequently, I'm thinking that making optimizations to improve client side performance would help alleviate the performance issues we're seeing.

I've taken a look at this best practices document here, but unless I'm missing something I don't see any best practices that improve the client side performance, or at least they're not called out as such.

Therefore, I'm wondering what kinds of best practices I can abide by which will improve the client side performance of an OutSystems application?


Hi Kirk, 

I expect that you've already small images and used the browser developer console to get more insight about the page that is loaded.

Are you able to share your module?
if not, it could be that you show a lot of data and perhaps with a lot of user interaction possibilities.




Hi Hans,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I can't share the module. The screen definitely has a lot of user interaction possibilities, as you suspected.


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