[Human Readable Change History] GetFirstTextAttribute returning the last text attribute
Forge component by Johan den Ouden
Application Type
Traditional Web, Reactive


When looking for the text attribute of the entity in the SQL GetFirstTextAttribute, it returns a list of text attributes. Following which, we assign the output as GetFirstTextAttribute.List.Current.Query_EntityAttr.Name. As a result, this returns the last record of the list (instead of the first which we need). Therefore, I propose to include TOP 1 in the SQL. 

SELECT TOP 1 {Entity_Attr}.[Name],{Entity_Attr}.[Type] 
FROM  {Entity_Attr}
WHERE {Entity_Attr}.[Entity_Id] = @EntityId 
AND {Entity_Attr}.[Is_Active] = 1
AND {Entity_Attr}.[Name] not in (@PossibleNamesList )
AND {Entity_Attr}.[Type] = 'rtText'
ORDER BY {Entity_Attr}.[Order_Num] ASC
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