Add  and Calculate Total Row in Table widget
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I am using Table widget in Reactive Application. It shows estimates in each columns. I want to add a "Total Estimates" row, which will show the sum of each columns estimates. Also, If I filter the Table rows, then the "Total Estimates" row should also calculate the sum based on it.

Is there any way to calculate the sum columnwise and add that Total row in the Table? 


Bhagyashree S

Hi Bhaygyashree,

Could you please refer this link and try to implement the same?

Thanks & Kind Regards,


Please find attached the sample OML for your requirement. Kindly check and confirm, if you are looking for the same functionality. 


Also, find attached the sample excel file for data bootstrap into the entity for testing.


Can you please share this sample but with an Aggregate instead of a SQL statement? I'm struggling with it.

Hi @Bhagyashree Sawant 

By your explanation, it seems you are fetching info from the database (aggregate) to populate info to the table, and applying what you want will increase complexity.

My advice is to use the fetch data from other sources, where you do the logic to return the list with the records and apply that output to the table, also each time you filter will refresh the DataAction and will recalculate the data as expected.

Hope this helps you.

If not, send the oml and give us more info in order we can analyze and help you better.


Gonçalo Almeida

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