How to create excel to record list with join table


Please help. How to action excel to record list with join table like this? 

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Ok no worries.

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Hey Clarissa,

To achieve the scenario wherein you want to take in content of excel file and write to two entities with join, in the Excel record definition, add both the entities.

Something like this:

In the above for example, first create record for Address entity if not present, then create Person record and assign the newly added Primary Key of Address entity to the Foreign key of Person Entity (AddressId). 

Before creating both the table records, I would suggest to just have an aggregate which checks if the record already exists in table (depending upon your use case).

Hope this answers your question.

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Hi Angel,

2 different tables so which CreateOrUpdate table should I use? and how is the excel content example?

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Hi Clarissa,

I have made a sample application for your reference. Please take a look at the Bulk Upload logic here. Can modify this according to you needs.

Attached a sample excel template which you can use for this application.



Sample template


I'm sorry, can you send a picture? because my outsystems are not allowed to access OML from outside. thank you


Ok no worries.

Thank you so much!!!!

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