Incorrect offline sync method - Architecture Dashboard Issue

Hello Everyone,

As we are developing mobile app, getting suggestion from architecture dashboard saying that "Incorrect offline sync method"

If anyone have solution for this please help me

Thanks in advance




HI Asif k

If it's possible please share your OML file.

Judged by the error message, I assume you have local entities but do not provide the sync method.

Please follow the instructions in the warning message to fix the problem


Hi Tom Zhao,

Initially thanks for your quick replay,

Coming to issue, I am facing this dashboard issue even if I did not implemented any offline sync related code.

For further details please check below attached OML.

Best Regards,





Thanks for sharing Oml file. There is no Local Entity in your project, so of course, you don't need to implement any Sync logic. I think it's a false alarm.

But local entity and offline capability are some of the most important features in mobile applications.

So it's nice to learn how to use it.

Kind regards,

Hi asif,

  I think there is some datatype or structure  mismatch in local entity and main entity. Please  create your local entity from right click to main entity. 


CV sharma 

Hi @Asif k 

In mobile apps, the architecture dashboard will always check and validate the logic of the sync offline.

If you really want to add an offline capability to your app you need to review your code in order to fix the issue, you can check here:, otherwise mark the issue as a false positive


Gonçalo Almeida

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