.Net Extension throwing access denied exception
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I have to upload the Youtube videos from one of my reactive web application, I found google documentation for the same by using Google Youtube API V3.


I have created a .net application by taking reference of the above documentation and it works fine when I run it from my local machine.

When using this .net program as an extension with OutSystems it is giving me access denied error(below-given screenshot is from service center error logs).

Not sure why I am getting this error. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?


Hi can you share the OutSystems extension?

Hi Daniel,

I am attaching the extension. With this extension for now the Google Youtube ClientId and SecreteId are hardcore into the code just for testing and also the Input variable ClientSecrete is non-mandatory and not in use for now.

Thank you for having a look into it.

Are you trying to upload a file and save it to the system32/config folder on the server?

It is obvious why you cannot save a file to that location. 

What are you trying to accomplish?

No, I am not trying to save it to the system32/config but as Daniel said I also think YouTube SDK tries to write something to that folder.

Hi nitish,

  Change the location of file save and give Read/Write permissions to that folder.


Did you open the extension in Microsoft Visual Studio?

There is no file save, there is no location specified, also assuming Nitish is running from an environment hosted by OutSystems in the clo6d there is no way he can change read/write permissions on a folder.


Hi Nitish,

I checked the extension code, my guess is that the YouTube SDK tries to write something to that folder, and that will not work as you are probably executing the code from an OutSystems environment hosted in the cloud by OutSystems.

Why in the first place you decided to use the YouTube C# SDK? I would always first try to consume a rest service rather than implementing and debugging the SDK of a cloud service.

See link below, there is even a try me dialog, where you can inspect the generated REST API call including headers.




Hi Daniël,

I tried with the Rest API documentation given on this link 


Used Google OAuth playground for generating token and authentication got successfully.


But now when trying to execute this API I am getting 400 Bad Request.

The request I used is the below screenshot also attached a small video file with the request.

Could you please help if you have any idea what wrong I am doing here?

Thank you

Hi @Nitish Kumar 

Greetings of the Day !!!

I have a same kind of requirement in my application. I have to upload video's to YouTube via Outsystems reactive Web. Since am new to this Kindly help me on this .

If possible share any sample OAP file.

Thank you,


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