[Social Sharing Tags] Create Meta tags for reactive web page
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Hey all,

My use case is ,I  want to share a reactive webpage link  from my mobile app how do i add meta tags to the reactive web page.  An input parameter needs to be passed with the link to access the webpage and i want to change the image based on the parameter passed.

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Add the 2 actions to an On Ready action.... on the screen. Then have logic to define what image is used inside them.

Have you seen the demo for the Web App?

yes I have seen the demo app but it's not working on the reactive web app. Should i add both actions in my mobile app only?

You can only use this in reactive web apps (not on mobile apps). These actions need to exist on the reactive web page that is being shared (regardless where the link is coming from), so that twitter or facebook (when they preview that page) pick up these tags and make the cards look nice.

Is that clear?

So i added the two actions in the onready of the reactive webpage and shred the link through phone on facebook it creates a card but dosent have the  description or the image that i added in the metatag and whatsaap it does not create the crad

Kanishka, I just tried it, and you are right it does not work, it seems you need to use JS to set the tags in Reactive, check this post:

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