[FullCalendar Reactive] Configuring Full Calendar Reactive to display Events
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I am new to Outsystems and it isn't very clear to me how to set-up and use Full Calendar in a Reactive Web Application. 

I have installed the Dependency and managed to add the Calendar Widget to the Content area in the Page I have set-up and this is where I get lost.

I have added a Fetch Data from Database Aggregate on the Screen I have, on the Full Calendar Widget I have set the DefaultDate to CurrDate().

I have created a client action called Events which includes the following:

The above has the following configuration:

I am just not sure where to get the EventSources List for the following config screen so the Cqlendar will load the events. The documentation is not very helpful or clear on this.

Perhaps if I was a more gifted developer this wouldn't be such a stupid question however the details in the docs has not helped me get any further.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Cheers Darryl


Hello Darry 

To setup the component Set the initial event source to the calendar (itself) to render on the calendar first load. 

To get more better idea of its working you can download its demo too. In demo you will get all the information and resource setup. then you can change them accordingly in your app. 

This demo is not working successfully in days or weeks.

Event takes all day although I set specific time to it ? . 

Any idea..  

Thank You.

Hi Saad

Can you provide the .oml file to see if i can help you?


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