[OutSystems.AI Chatbot] Chatbot widget sending out empty string messages to bot
Forge component by Félix Barros
Application Type
Traditional Web

Currently experiencing some production issues with the component.

Noticed through the chrome debug tools that the component is sending empty string messages to the bot which makes the bot respond with "The bot encountered an error or bug".

Issue occurs when I send a message using the enter key.

Issue does not occur when I don't send a message with the entry key (i.e. by just clicking the Send button)

Been thinking that the call to setTimeout within the script that uses TriggerEvents (really don't know what that component is for) that is causing the component to resubmit whatever is in the text input field (which at the time of resend is an empty space cause the component already cleared the text input field after enter was pressed).

Testing the bot on the azure portal shows that it is working:

However, using the widget shows that it keeps on throwing errors:

This leads me to believe that this is not an azure/qna bot issue but an outsystems widget one.

Need a fix or someone to explain to me why do we need TriggerEvents because I am on the verge of removing the call from the script. Thanks.


Fixed the issues.

I updated the ChatbotWeb javascript and the AzureBotFrameworkConnector.

The script was broken. I needed to fix the part about sending messages with the enter key.

AzureBotFrameworkConnector needed an update for the send messages part to not accept empty text.

Frustrating how much this widget is touted as a featured item in the forge homepage when support nor a community is not even there.

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