Application security tool which fixs server versions

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Now I want to know about outsystems applications security tool. Currently, built-in outsystems security tool is Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Right? I think previous outsystems server version (may be 8.0) was also with HP Fortify. I want to know which server version is with which security tool. And reason of security tool changed.

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Zwe Mann

Hello Zwe,

OWASP is a project that provides security guidance to users worldwide, regardless of technology, namely describing the most commonly exploited security vulnerabilities and advice on how to handle them.
HP Fortify is a static code analysis tool, that can be used to validate the security of applications generated by OutSystems. HP Fortify has many competitors and neither HP Fortify nor any of its competitors are included with OutSystems.

Hi Zwe,

Joao has differentiated OWASP and HP Fortify in his post, and that is a clear and straight description of these two. OWASP is a software security community that describes major vulnerabilities. OutSystems or any other software has its own way to cater to those recommendations.

To answer your query, the Building secure applications with OutSystems page explains what is the take of OutSystems and how it helps developers build applications that do not have these published Top 10 vulnerabilities to the least.



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