PLEASE... how do I to create a new user....

PLEASE... how do I to create a new user.... 

In a form, the user fill name, username, and password, I trimmed username, password, then encrypt and update.... but that doesn't work....THANKS...

Hi Carrara Admin,

You will need to call the CreateOrUpdateUser action from User Entity inside your UserCreateOrUpdate action in order to do it.

Entity User Actions:

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Hello... I already had the change (createorupdateuser from users, system) ... but it doesn't works yet.....    8,-(

After EncryptPassword, in SaveDetail action flow, put an Assign widget setting the User Password using the EncryptPassword output:

I have changed your OML file with the example above.


Hi Carrara.

On the userCreateOrUpdate, the password that you must send must be the output from encryptPassword action


Gonçalo Almeida


In my environment  doesn't appear that options....(mmm I beleave that diference of version.... my version is 11.10)

Carrara Admin 

Check the comment in the action to create the user. 

Basically, you need to set the record with the password that came from the encrypted action before save.

Check the oml fixed.

Hope it helps


Gonçalo Almeida



If it's fixed please mark this as "Solution" in order to close this thread.


Gonçalo Almeida


Hi Carrara,

You do not have to write code for creating, changing or deleting users. OutSystems provides an application for that:



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