Speech Recognition Plugin - Problem when uploading this plugin to QAS

Olá, estou com um problema ao subir esse plugin para QAS A

desserialização do erro não retornou dados. A resposta original foi: {"Erros": ["'.', Valor hexadecimal 0x00, é um caractere inválido."], "StatusCode": 500}
Alguma solução ou ajuda?


Hi William,

The language used on this board is English, as there are many people here that do not speak Portuguese. Please translate your question, so that non-Portuguese speakers can also understand what you're asking. Thanks!

Language change made @Kilian Hekhuis 


The content of your post is still in Portuguese, it seems?

Hello, I have a problem uploading this plugin to QAS 

A Error deserialization returned no data. The original answer was: {"Errors": ["'.', Hexadecimal value 0x00, is an invalid character."], "StatusCode": 500}

Any solution or help?

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