[QR Code Scanner] Fetch record from a list using ListIndexOf.Position
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Service Studio Version
11.10.11 (Build 39017)
Platform Version
11.11.0 (Build 27311)

Hello everybody,

I'm using ListIndexOf action to find a specific row in a list. The list has multiple columns. I would like to fetch and display some of them. I try to assing variable=ListName[ListIndexOf.Position] but I can an error: Can't identify 'ListName' in the expression . Or I tried to use ListIndexOf.Position as a filter in the agregade, the filtering works but  then when I try to display it -the complete row, it doesn't give me any errors but it also displays nothing.

Do you have any suggestion or advice regarding this?

I thank you in advance.

Kind regards,


Can you send your oml file so that It will help me to understand more ?

because I don't know of your List and variable structure 

Hi, I can not share the real oml file due to data protection. But I created a short similar version of it. So normaly the Qr code that will be scanned will one of the number in the Id2 column and the result is saved in the QRcodeResult variable. In the assign below the ListIndexOf action I tried  Row=List1ListIndexOf.Position] and I got the error. Other wise I tried to filter the aggregate using the variable QRcodeResult but I'm also not sure how to display it after filtering


If you want to filter the list with the QR code scanner result you have to add a filter in aggregate like this

after that, if you want to filter the list after scan success so you have to add refresh data like this.

Hope it helps you.

you can try it with my env 



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