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Before I came here and ask for help to understand the impacts of doing this, I would like to say that I really searched a lot to find answers that helps me, but I had no luck on that. I need to change my production environment to development to debug my code to find out what is going on (the problem don't happened on either development or quality environment). In OutSystems 10 there's an option in service center to switch between those two environments. Does anyone here knows, how can I debug in production environment? Is it possible? If not, what are the impacts of switching these environments just to debug and find out the problem? Thank you very much for you help 


Hello Guilherme,

Hope you're doing well.

First of all, yes it is possible to debug your code in Production environment.

For that, you should go into Service Center -> Administration -> Environment Configuration.

You will see a check box with the option Debug Mode that you will need to tick.

However, let me tell you that this is not recommended at all. It is not the purpose of this environment to do debugging for the most obvious reasons (people can be accessing to your applications at the moment). Also, Production environment should always be a highly stable environment because end-users are accessing to it.

With that said, and responding to your other questions, there is no option in Service Center to switch the order between two environments. The Service Center is a tool that applies only to a single environment.

If you want to manage the environments across your entire infrastructure, that is only possible using LifeTime tool.

Just go to LifeTime -> Infrastructure and you can manage your environments according to your needs.

However I would like to suggest a different approach for your scenario.

Usually what you should do is to migrate the code that you have in Production to another environment (Pre-Production) and debug the code in there. Once you find the bug, you fix the bug (hotfix) and you can migrate the code back to Production. After that, you should replicate these changes back to Development and Quality environments.

If you don't have a Pre-Production environment, you should use Quality environment for this purpose.

Hope that this helps you!

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas


Hello Guilherme.

I remember doing it in version 6 so I'm adding some small comments to Rui's very complete answer for you to have all the information in mind.

-your users will get a Not Licensed for Production" message in the URL. That is bad for your brand.

-your debug will affect all users. You may even see data you are not supposed to see or interfere in a process that can't be messed with.

-you will be tempted to publish the hotfix directly to test it, instead of following the flow (thus breaking the life cycle of the project)

if it is a small factory, with internal users only, you know what you are doing, and at 6 pm everyone but you is offline, go for it.
Otherwise, please find another way.


Hello again Guilherme,

And just another small comment on the follow up of Nuno's great addition.

I also remember to do this once as well (back in version 9 I think). The application was in Production environment indeed, but it was just a pilot version (meaning that only a very limited number of people could access to it). This is just another scenario where you can go for it.

Overall, like Nuno described, just go for it if you can fully evaluate that there is absolutely no impact for your end-users (meaning that there is no activity by the time that you are executing that intervention).

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

Hello Nuno,

As I said to Ruin, thank you very much for your explanations. 

I'll think more to find a better solution to my problem.

Kind regards

Hello Ruin Barradas,

Thank you very much for your complete answer !

It really helped me to think what could be better to do and I will think more on what to do the find the bug. My main problem is, this bug, didn't show up neither on development or quality environments. Since I can't simulate this bug (at least at the moment) I need to figure out a way on how to do it.

I appreciate all your help.

Kind regards


Hello there Guilherme,

Hope that we made it clear for you :)

If you don't have any additional questions and you think that our answers provided a good explanation, please consider to mark them as solutions so other forum members can benefit with this information if they run into a similar question.

And good luck finding that bug!

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

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