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I wanted to import Excel file data into the Outsystems Entity. But my import excel file has below structure.

I wanted to read D2 cell and start reading from 9 row to last row to get the values of column e.g C9,D9 and E9.

As, Cell D2 and Column C (City) is calculated column.

Can it be possible with "Excel To Record List" widget or any extension or component I can use to fulfill this.

Thanks in advance.....   


Hello Rohan.

ExcelToRecordList is only for regular tables, where each column has content that goes into the same attribute.

In your situation, you need to open the file, transform the calculated values into static values, remove the first 8 rows, remove the first 2 columns, and then import to the record list.

To edit values and remove columns/rows, you can use an extension like Advanced Excel

Thanks for your valuable suggestion. I did used the Advance Excel that you mentioned. how to transform the calculated values into static values by Advance Excel.

I remove first 2 columns and first 8 rows but it giving me "None of the column headers match with the record attributes".




You need to set an entity or structure with matching attributes to the column names.

You can do step by step and see if the columns/rows are well removed, and only then try to import.

Hello Rohan,

You can try to edit the extension and pass startIndex to it


Hi Rohan

It is probably not possible to achieve this with the existing functionality provided by Outsytems.

You have to create Extension by your self

Kind regards,

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