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I am displaying some categories in dropdown  For Ex. ABX, XYZ, PQR [this is just for understanding purpose]. Each category associated with some columns like Name, Age, Phone, Mobile etc. I am maintaining which column to be display for which Category for configuration purpose. 


If I Select category as ABC then Name, Age, Phone, Mobile displays with TRUE value and if I set it to False for "Age" column then it won't display on the SCREEN for ABC category but it will display for XYZ, PQR.

The Problem which I am facing, when I re-select from XYZ / PQR to ABC then Age displays that I don't want to display.  "Age" means which column I set it to FALSE that is also display.


Hi Shaun11,

Have you initialized the columns Age any where to true during screen rendering/loading which again show the Age when you select ABC? If possible can you please share your OML to look and confirm you the exact issue?

Thanks & Kind Regards,


Hi Sachin

No I am using this column on "onchange" event. Making true here only

Is it possible for you to share the OML?

No, can't share the oml.

I used Refresh Data-> Loop through I read the COlumn value and accordingly I assigned TRUE to structure boolean variable. And then that variable I pass it container's visible property. Tha's it.

Hi Shaun,

For drop down value ABC, you want to display Name and age then for only these fields Boolean value will be true and rest of the fields like Age and contact number's Boolean value will be false. 

If you select XYZ , then do the same as above and when you come to ABC drop down then the true value's field will be display.

Check here-

Select ABC-you can see only Name,

Select MNO-You can see Contact Data, Email Id and address and when you again select ABC you can only see the Name



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