[OutDoc] Export OutDoc API to file (like excel, pdf)
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Hello Everyone,

Now I want to export a file(like excel, pdf) by calling OutDoc API which display in OutDoc > Doc API tab. Can I export or not. If I can, please give me a solution.

Thanks and Regards,

Zwe Mann


For example in our projects we use OutDoc and generate documentation for the modules and then use the browser's Print function (CTRL + P) to export it as a PDF if we want to store it as a document somewhere else.



Similar, I use the "Print to PDF" option. Not sure if that comes as part of Windows 10 or Microsoft Office. Other utilities exist to do a similar thing.

It's simply the browser's capability to do that. After initiating the print menu (CTRL + P) in the web page you get this screen and choose Save as PDF:

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