Error Installing The Cordova Plugin
Application Type

Hi Friends, 

I'm Facing an Error While Generating The Mobile App.


"An unexpected error has occurred while installing the Cordova plugins. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact OutSystems Support.")

In Extensibility Configurations, I had Added This 


"plugin" :{

"url": ""



Can Anyone Help me To Sort This Error?




Try using the MABS 7.0,
I generated the build successfully on my personal Env.

MABS: 7.0


- Assif


Please take a look and share (if you can) the generation log available at Service Center (Applications -> Your Application -> Distribute -> Native Platforms -> download generation log icon).

The generation report with the error could help to identify the issue.

Kind regards, David.

Hi David, Thanks For Replying. 

I Solved by Using MABS 7.0, My Cordova Plugin issue  Was Solved.

But, Right now, a new Error is generated Regarding CSRF

Error " CSRF  Is Undefined."

Kind Regards, Yogesh S

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