Encounter error when import swagger json to create multiple methods for consume API
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.10.13 (Build 39571)
Platform Version
11.11.1 (Build 27720)

Hi guys,

I want to consume a REST API which created by Mule, but when i added multiple methods by importing the swagger json file,  i encounted an error. Then i tried to import a json file which is generated by swagger, also encounted this error. 

But i can import the json file for the REST API which created by OutSystems.

So i tried to use Swagger Editor to import these two json files, they could be imported successfully and show me the methods.

Can anyone help this or encount this?


Hi Merliny,

You should check the swagger version of the json file. If it is swagger version 1.2 file, you need to convert to version 2.0/3.0.

Kind regards, David.

Hi David, 

Thanks for your answer.

We have checked the version for both json files. Both are 2.0. This one is also the point confused me. The same version and both can be used by Swagger Editor. But one can work and one cant.

Is it possible to share both json files? Perhaps the "bad" file is not 100% Swagger 2.0 compliant.

Kind regards, David.

Sorry for some reasons, i cant share the json file. if the "bad" file is not 100% Swagger 2.0 compliant, we should encouter errors when we use Swagger Editor to convert the json file. This one is the point confused me. At first, i also think that the file is not 100% Swagger 2.0/3.0 compliant.

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