Hi all.

Today we are launching a new forum, which is a knowledge base dedicated to guides, how-to documents, tips and other things.

We had tons of useful content that people didn't even know it existed, so hopefully this new organization will help everyone navigate and find many of the documents in our knowledge base.

Furthermore, if you also have specific guides, how-to documents, or tutorials you have created, do let us know about them.

Note that, in order to keep things organized and tidy, should any post show up in this forum that we believe is out of context - maybe new questions or other requests - we will move it to the correct forum.

I hope this helps you all!

Have a great weekend.

Paulo Tavares
Nice! I was thinking that you guys should build a wiki and give access to that, but this will do just fine. :)

Excellent initiative! 
Great idea!
Congratulations on that! I'll be looking at it closely and, hopefully, contributing to it someday!
Excellent thinking :D

Now make a sticky that covers all the topics in a short summary and we are set :D
Done, Joost!

It was in my backlog, but has been done here :)


Paulo Tavares