Learn by Doing: 21 OutSystems low-code exercises

Hi community,

I am here to share a list of exercises for those that are just starting with OutSystems.

If learning by doing is your thing and you have no idea what to do to practice OutSystems, here is a list of 21 OutSystems low-code exercises.

You can practice how to validate the information users enter in forms, consume Web API's, extract data from a website, create and apply CSS classes, use JavaScript code from an external library and also build simple games.

Each exercise has the following features:

  1. A descriptive objective;
  2. The Designing Screens, UI Patterns and all elements that you will be practicing;
  3. Resources and links to support you find what you need to complete the exercise. 

You can find the list of exercises here: https://github.com/rafa-cobucci/OutSystems-Low-Code-Exercises

I hope the exercises could be useful somehow for those that are starting the OutSystems journey!!

Best regards,

Rafael Cobucci

Hello Rafael,

Excellent initiative, I will share in some groups and channels.

Kind Regards!

Hi Rafael,

Appreciate all your efforts! Also, thankful to you to sharing this useful information with us. 

Definitely, I will share the same with other learners.

Thanks & Kind Regards,


2020-10-08 13-16-05
Inês Barros

?? I love this, Rafael!

Thank you very much!

Very useful! Thank you Rafael for all your efforts!

Good initiative. Keep adding news exercises

Thank you for sharing your knowledge @Rafael Cobucci !


Thank you for sharing this. It's a really great initiative. It 'll definitely improve development skills and knowledge.

Excellent drive, Rafael. I just starred it.



@Rafael Cobucci 

Good initiative, congratulations !!

Strength to continue !!

This is awesome @Rafael Cobucci 

This will be a great exercise for our new Developers to work through!!!


Great job.


Great Job!! Thanks for sharing..


Looking for such exercises from last some days, really helpful!!

Thanks, Rafael. Will definitely share with others.

Thanks for sharing

Thanks ...I love this

Thanks for sharing.

Great Job Rafael !

Is there any list of exercise for Reactive ?

Thanks, Ritesh Ghate! 

For the moment, there is just a list for Traditional Web. 

Thanks for putting this together. I'll be checking this out over the weekend. For being a hands-on person, this will definitely help me get acquainted with the application!

Thanks for sharing...

Thanks Rafael..

superb....I am very happy to learn it.

Thank you for sharing this @Rafael Cobucci 

Excellent work!
@ Rafael.

Thanks for sharing the knowledge!

Thanks for sharing. Very nice...

Great initiative, I shared with my team thanks Rafael.

Johny William

Thanks ,  this helps a lot

Hello Rafael,

Excellent initiative, Rafael
Thanks for sharing the knowledge.
This will be a great exercise for our new Developers to learn Outsystems.

Ayush khare

Thanks Ayush! I'm glad the list is being helpful.

Hi Rafael,

Awesome move :)

Are you planning to release the reactive/ mobile  versions of these exercises ? If yes - Great; else - we can collaborate to bring those solutions; 

Because these days most of the developers are kick starting with either reactive or mobile tutorials.




If you need help to release a reactive version, I am available. 



It is very useful. Thanks for this knowledge.

Hello @Rafael Cobucci 

Today only i got this link by referred answer of someone...


Thanks for sharing knowledge.

I think it was shared there by me and you got it. :)

Yes sure ....thanks to yoo too just i am going throw it .

Hey guys! 

First of all, I want to express my gratitude to Rafael for such an amazing idea and for sharing it!

@Alberto Ferreira and Rafael, I was wondering if, by any chance, there are any updates on that great idea for the reactive examples? :)

Thank you!

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