[pdfJS Viewer] Some users getting an error: Uncaught ReferenceError: DEFAULT_URL is not defined
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I'm having a problem with pdfJS where pdf's do not open for some users and they get the following error message in the console:

Uncaught ReferenceError: DEFAULT_URL is not defined
at getViewerConfiguration (?URL=<pdfURL>&HideOpenFile=True&HideDownload=True&HideBookmark=True:10275)
at HTMLDocument.webViewerLoad (?URL=<pdfURL>&HideOpenFile=True&HideDownload=True&HideBookmark=True:10279)
getViewerConfiguration @ ?URL=<pdfURL>&HideOpenFile=True&HideDownload=True&HideBookmark=True:10275
webViewerLoad @ ?URL=<pdfURL>&HideOpenFile=True&HideDownload=True&HideBookmark=True:10279

This is working fine for most people, but a few get this message. 

I've tried to debug in the Dev tools with one of the users who is having trouble and cannot work out why it doesn't work. I can see that the RunJavascript action has worked from the screen preparation and I can see that in the javascript source "{OsJSONUpdate({\"js\":[\"var DEFAULT_URL = "<pdfURL>"

After this has run, I can enter DEFAULT_URL into the console and it returns the correct value. However when running the getViewerConfiguration function accessing DEFAULT_URL is causing an error.

I can't see any reason that this will fail only for some users/browsers. Any pointers would be appreciated. 

Thank you.


I think this is the same as what is being discussed (with an answer) here:


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