Database Architecture for Multi Applications (non-related) in OutSystem


I am new to Outsystems (O/S), in the midst of working in the tool itself. 

Have a question on infra questions on how do we host our DB?

1.   DB - SQL SQLServer

2.   O/S will host many applications across multiple departments. 

3.   A question about; since that platform data is hosted in O/S DB. And, we will be having a lot of applications planned to be hosted in O/S, will it make sense for our application data be written to application respective DB? I am thinking of different DB for applications respective, is mainly to improve I/O performance. How did you guys designed your enterprise hosting of O/S? 

One of the determinant is - in event of O/S database is down, will the O/S hosted application be down as well (due to the usage of platform data)?  If yes, it will be down - then I think we probably can host all together? 

If you can share on your thoughts, or your real example how it should be designed .... please drop many many words here .... really appreciate.



Did you already try to search for answers in the official OutSystems documentation?



Yes, Daniel. Documentation is great on App Server, it rarely touches on Database Infra. If you see I may miss article, can you please let me know?

Thanks for the implementation pages. 

I think we have not reach to this point, rather determining how do we prepare our DB infrastructure. 

We wanted to use Outsystems to host many applications, a pertinent question for clarification - do we host design our application database to be independent DB (from Outsystems DB) or they can be another schema in the Outsystems DB. 

I'd appreciate for your response again.


If you want to fully use the powers of OutSystems you should use the OutSystems database for your OutSystems applications.

Only if you run OutSystems on premise in your private network or virtual private cloud you can have multiple database schemas.

In the OutSystems cloud PaaS offering all data of all applications is in one database,  but still governance on which applications can access what data is manageable by architecture.

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