[Data Grid Web] How to select multiple rows with SHIFT and CTRL key and get its data at server side
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I need to select multiple rows by shift click/control click on advance data grid and get the selected rows data at server side to preform operations on selected rows.

Could you please suggest solution for it.

You can create a JS function that listens for the shift, ctrl and mouse click events.

When you detect Shift, you start adding rows one by when clicking on table, to a auxiliary array to store row id;

when you detect CTRL, you save the first row id you click, save the second row id you click and use a cycle to run all rows in between and store all rows id in auxiliary array.

You can than run your array and perform some action to get data.

Hi Pedro Oliveira,

I ended up writing a JS function for getting the row data at server side there were no direct ways available and it worked.

Thanks and Regards,

Dhanashri Jaiswal 

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