How to make a shopping cart?
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I was making an app for my dad (who has a store) and I am trying to build a shopping cart.
Yesterday I whatched a video but in the video, he was only adding 1 item at a time to each package.
Imagin that he had the Product X, Product Y and Product Z. He was only adding 1 Product X and in another package 1 Product Y. I want to add 5 Products X, 8 Products Y an 1 Product Z all in the same package(imagine).

Any good tutorial, any good tip?

Tnx in advance


Hello Tiago.

Welcome to OutSystems.

I think what you missed was a quantity attribute on the cart. You add 1 product by default, but you may want to increase the quantity.

There are a few examples on the Forge. You can look and take ideas from them

Hey! It really dint help because there was only one that I was able to Download and see. It was the one with the most downloads.
I saw the logic and the entities but i did not understand because I was not able to test as user buying products. What I understood is that I need to entities, at least. One for the products and one for the PurchaseOrder. Is that correct?
If yes, when I go to the entity PurchaseOrder to see the data, it was no Data about the products ( Which onesI ordered, it has the amount only). So, how do I knowwhat I ordered?


You have an entity Product: Id, Name, Price, etc.

You have a PurchaseOrder: Id, ClientId, CreationDate, StatusId

And the PurchasePrder will have a details/lines entity with the following attributes:

PurchaseOrderDetails: Id, OrderId, ProductId, Quantity

Do you have a diagram of your data model?

For now, I only created the product entity


You need to build the model with a Cart or Order entity. Personally, I think Order is enough for the online shop scenario.

Take a look on Gonçalo's suggestion. I haven't tried that one but is very recent so it probably works fine.

Hi Tiago

Check this app:

It's for mobile, but it's easy to understand.


Gonçalo Almeida

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