Tip: running multiple versions of Service Studio and Integration Studio

This is something that probably many of you in the Agile Network have experienced or experience - due to upgrade processes, working in multiple customers, or simply because you want, you have more than one version of Service Studio installed - 5.1, 5.0, maybe 4.2, or even older versions.

Both Service Studio and Integration Studio install in separate folders according to the version (e.g. C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Service Studio 5.1), so that is already fixed. However, when you double-click an OML or XIF file, it will use the most recently installed version of Service Studio or Integration Studio.

I have made a simple registry script that creates a drop-down menu with the various Service Studio and Integration Studio versions. The result is similar to the screenshots below:

To create these menus, simply extract the .reg files from the attached ZIP file and run them by double-clicking. These files are prepared with standard locations and current version - if you use more or less versions, simply remove or adapt the relevant parts - reg files are simple text files that you can open with notepad.

These scripts are provided as-is and without any warranty. If you are unsure of what you are doing, please do not use them.
Particularly, do not use these scripts in production servers.

Please post your suggestions / comments
Works fine! Very useful!

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Pedro Miguel Girão
Great Tip! ;)
Hello all.

I've made a little upgrade to Acácio's version of the script that basically allows you the same feature, but using a cascade menu:

Hope it helps some of you guys :)

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Quick note: I've added by default all platform versions from 5.0 forward for both Integration and Service Studio.

You can always edit the reg file and remove the ones that you do not need!

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Updated version to include also the integrated menu for the Solution Pack.

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