Where is the "Send Email" widget?
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I have used the Send Email widget multiple times. It is in my processes and my screen actions. I want to use it in a server action, but it is not available in the left pane that holds the widgets when I create a new server action. It must exist but I cannot find a lesson or a forum post that shows how to load a widget to the left-hand pane that holds them.

I have only used what came installed and have never loaded widgets to that pane before. How can I get the Send Email widget into the left pane on a server action?



Hi Bill, Did you try to call SendEmail from a Service Module? For Service Module doesn't have Interface Tab so Send Email Action do not appear (This happen because Send Email Action requires an Email Screen created in Interface Tab).   

Thank you Nghia! You got it right. My problem is solved. But, let me explain for the benefit of future readers of this post.

My Send Email widget was not available because I was in a Server Action in a Service module. When I looked in my User Interface module, the Send Email widget was available from a Server Action on the Logic tab.

I had seen references to needing an email screen in other posts but did not understand what was being said. I have other instances where I use Send Email from processes. I have no email screens. And it all works fine. Turns out what I was calling an Email or email template is what other Outsystems users call an email screen. I guess it is called a screen because it can be found on the Interface tab.

So, Email and Send Email are only available in User Interface modules and not in Service modules.


Hi Bill Adams

Could you share the oml file or at least add some screenshots?

Kind regards,



In addition to what Nghia correctly states, are you sure you are in Traditional Web End Users module?

For Reactive Web the Email integration does not yet exist.



Hi Bill,

The only valid reason for the 'Send Email' widget to be missing is if you're working in a Reactive application.

As you can see below the widgets available in Web and Reactive:



The best way to solve this is to create a new 'Tradicional Web' application, create there the email, create a new public Server Action and reuse it in the Reactive application.

Hope it helps,

Ricardo Pisco.


"The only valid reason for the 'Send Email' widget to be missing is if you're working in a Reactive application."

That is an incorrect statement, also in a service application/module you cannot do this.

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