Sky is the limit with OutSystems - Let's make a game - Introducing OutMon

Hello Everyone!

In the last 10 days, I have been working in an OutSystems POC of a game named OutMon (aka OutSystems Monsters)

I did this project because recently I have been listening a lot of people talking about OutSystems, and how it can be used JUST to do small projects or shelf applications, or even comparing OutSystems with some CMS tools like Wordpress or Bubble which is a new no code framework.

To prove it is not true I decided to make something unusual with OutSystems, so I made a game.

(I don't think it can be done in WordPress or Bubble right? :P )

It is a combat-turn based game like some well-known old titles like Final Fantasy or Pokemon.

In this game, basically, you have a monster which you can battle with.
You will battle against other monsters (CPU or Friends) and progress gaining levels and new moves.

To show more about the game I also did a video, that you can check here.

It is full of animations and a lot of things are customizable.

Since the game have a lot of unusual Concepts I thought it would be nice to serve as sample to newcomers, and who knows show some new tricks to the ones that already use OutSystems for some time.

I already uploaded the game on Forge (Under Development for now) and wanted to share with you guys:

Mobile App 

Back Office App

In the code you can learn things like:

  • How to animate SVGs using CSS
  • How to use Firebase for online interaction
  • How to do your own icon font
  • How to create a nice backend architecture to be used for both Mobile and Web
  • How to properly set an excel importation handler to import large data (OutMon_SampleData Module)
  • And a lot more...

Let me know what you think about it, and if you have any questions about the project feel free to ask.

Cheers and Regards,

RR :)

Here are some pictures of the game:


The visual assets used for the game wasn't done by me.

All SVGs and icons were taken from:






Good Job Raphael! I like the way you are exploring the OS to learn ourselves and also it is really great thinking to help others to learn and grow with OutSystems. 

All the very best!


Really cool! Thank you for sharing.

I haven't checked out the code yet, but cool !

OutSystems is a powerful tool and with some imagination, it can be used to do much more than what most people think. And you proved exactly that.


Thank you guys :)

Hope it helps

Cheers and Regards,
RR :)

I would say: the sky is not the limit either!


Simply Awesome.

You given a thinking to other to look into the Gaming concept


Thank you for your sharing.

Really nice job man!  Congrats :)

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