[Eventful Deeplinks Plugin] Is it working well for IOS version >9?
Forge component by João Gonçalves
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I am trying to verify that an application is already installed on my device, if it is, I want to redirect to the application and, if not, I want to redirect to the App Store. Since version 9 of IOS, my old logic is not working well. Can I do something like this using your component?

Hi Marcos,  this component is on the "receiving end" of deeplinks, it doesn't attempt to solve any problem with launching other applications through deeplinks.

Specifically to your question, iOS 9 introduced a series of privacy related changed, one of which was the change to how "canOpenUrl" method worked. Please take a loot at https://developer.apple.com/documentation/uikit/uiapplication/1622952-canopenurl.

One possible (and really hackish) way of achieving what you intend would be to attempt to open the target deeplink from your application and, at the time you execute the code to open the deeplink, initiate a timeout (setTimeout)  that, one executed, checks if the application is in foreground and, if so, it might be because there's no target application on the device to handle the deeplink and thus you can then decide to open the AppStore. Alternatively, and doing it properly, would be to use Universal links instead of deeplinks with custom scheme.

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