[MediaToolkit] How do I upload mp3 file with MediaToolkit?
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I want the app to upload a mp3 file but MediaToolkitDemo has only module for Image instead of Audio.

I levaraged ImageDemo screen of MediaToolkitDemo and implemented the Audio stuff(Audio Demo) .

Then I tried to upload a mp3 file(sample1.mp3 ) but it didn't work as below.

I debugged it but I couldn't figure out which parts are missing.

I wonder if the server action or something is wrong...

I'm stuck on that. 

I was wondering if you could give me some good advice.

I'd be happy if you would lend me your expertise.

Best regards,



Hello Tsubasa.

I found one mistake in your approach.

You were sending Filename when it asked for mimetype. Just send Upload1.Type and it will be fine.

Basically @Nuno Reis said it all :)

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