Conditional Formatting background color for row in Table
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In my Reactive application, I'm using the Table widget and it has 50 columns. I want to change the background color of the all the rows to red, if the corresponding 50th column has any value greater than 10.

I found an old post using CSS to achieve the above result by applying CSS class to the row of table.

But in reactive application, I don't find any extended properties. Can anyone help me how to achieve this in reactive application - table widget?


You can add CSS to the ROW on table's Style Row property, 



Hi Komal,

Thanks for the quick reply. It helped out.



Hi, friend!

I think the way you can do that is by change from the table to a list, then will be easier to control the eow properties.

You can also try to control it passing condition to the row style:

You're Welcome Somesh, Glad that helped !! :)

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