[User Import/Export] User import doesn't work
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I have created a sort of look-a-like of this export / import module but it dsoesn't give me created Users.

I use it to fill Users is a new production environment, however it doesn't create Users. 



Hello Ineke!

If I understood right, you made a whole new application using just some functions of the 'User Import/Export' module right?

To discover what can be wrong I would advise you to look in Service Center to see if there is any errors.

In your case it is just the users that don't work or anything?

Cheers and Regards,

RR :)

Hi Ineke de Raaf

Did you test in QA and worked?

If not, debug in order to find what's missing, if it works in dev and QA and not in production check the service center if there are some errors related to the process.


Gonçalo Almeida

thanks for your replies, it seems to process properly, but I don't see the added Users in the Users application. There is no message in the logging. 

I think it has sometihng to do with the Tenant, as when the User record is added no tenant identifier is filled. 

Should it be filled?

I have filled the Tenant identifier with the 

I now see the added user in the Users application. 

Ineke de Raaf

If you don't see the Users created it is not processing properly.

Seems the problem could be in the UserSave action. I don't have access.

Can you send the DMS pro core or a screenshot from the action?


Gonçalo Almeida


Your action flow checks for an error but doesn't act on it apparently, why not add logging In the true part of the if that would help you understand what goes wrong.

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