[MicrosoftTeams Connector] The demo Microsoft Teams is empty.
Forge component by João Marques
Application Type

Dear João.

The demo Microsoft Teams is empty. Could you make the demo available again?

Thank you very much.



Hi Thiago,

Better ask the question on the plugin page, so the author got notified.

I'm guessing this is the plugin you ask ?

Hi Thiago, 

I think , you are not getting the demo app for this component.

Go to the component and click to the install dropdown there you will get option - Download Component and Demo.It will download zip file extract them. You will get two files one component and other Demo app. Open both app file with Service studio. Now you can see both published in service studio.

Thank you, Hope this may help.


Hi Tiago,

In addition to what previous posters correctly stated, you selected as application type of your question: Traditional,Service. Because of that you where not select MicrosoftTeams Connector as Forge component when you posted the question. I have corrected that for you.

Second I also tried and install both the component and the demo .oap file, and had no issues with it, so check the file size of the demo .oap it should match the size of following screenshot:

Maybe something went wrong with the download?



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