How to get right MIME type for .MSG file while uploading file?

When uploading a file,  with extension ".msg" (Outlook E-mail File), the FileUpload UI Element does not show the correct MIME type. In this case, the expected MIME type is "application/", however the UI element shows the MIME type as "application/octet-stream", which is the generic file type.

The function used to detect MIME type is GetFileMimeType() from MimeType module and for .msg file, it always returns MIME type as "application/octet-stream". Also configured MIME type mapping for .MSG file in IIS server.


Hi Nilam,

I did some search based on the mentioned context and found some of the pointers releated to it. 

  • The file.type attribute is returning blank in case of .msg file upload
  •  The  issue/problem that the browser doesn't return correct mime-type for outlook-msg-files. Instead of application/ the type-property of File shows an empty string

Reference links:

I could suggest you a work-around i.e. Using JavaScript, you can get the uploaded File type, referring to the file extesnion as mentioned-below.

JavaScript Snippet:

var control = document.querySelector("#" + $parameters.UploadWidgetId + " > input");

if (window.FileReader && window.Blob) {
    // All the File APIs are supported.
    control.addEventListener("change", function(event) {
    // When the control has changed, there are new files
        var files = control.files;
        var i = 0, fileType = "";
        if (files[i].name !== null && files[i].name !== undefined && files[i].name.endsWith(".msg")) {
                fileType = "application/";
         $actions.SetFileInfo(files[i].type || fileType, files[i].size);
    }, false);
} else {
    // File and Blob are not supported

See this sample screen UploadWidget_MSG Demo

Refer to the attached .oml file

Hope this helps you!

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Benjith Sam

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