[BlipChat Widget] React version
Forge component by Antonio Soares
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Hi Antonio, how are you doing?

Thanks for the example.

However i am having some problems to insert  Blip in a Reactive web application. Could you create an example?

Thank you


Hi Jefferson,

That is  because the Blip chat component is a traditional component, not reactive.

A demo app is not gonna help you here, It are two different application types.



Hi Daniel, thank your reply.

Yes I know. My intention with this question was to ask Antonio for another example with a reactive.

I tried many times to adapt to react. I can even load the javascript library, but I think that the functions (window.open) of the screen script are not executed.

Thank you

Hi Jeferson, I'm fine and you?

Probably is because this is a traditional component, but I'll try to work in a reactive version, can you describe your problem?


Hi Antonio, good too. Thanks

I'm a Take / Blip client, so if you need someone to test or help to co-create, please tell me.

For now, thanks for your willingness.

Hi Jeferson, how are you?

I don't know why, but I can't import the BlipChat script file, I tried to create the script tag in many different ways and didn't work, so, my solution was:
1 - Download the BlipChat .js file and use directly in the screen or web block,
2 - Run a Javascript to "build" the BlipChat in the screen.

Using these 2 steps, I worked in a reactive version of the component, is very similar to tradicional version, you can put the web block in your screen with your bot key.

I hope it works for you.
Feel free to contact me for suggestions or if you have some problems with this solution.

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